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We are an R&D company and we work every day to invent and realize outstanding solutions, technologies, products and projects pushing forward clean energy production efficiently and sustainably, improving air&water quality and preventing desertification.



is the genesis of genius
Galileo Galilei


is the intelligence having fun!
Albert Einstein


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Leonardo da Vinci

Serial game-changing and visionair innovators

who we are

Alitec is an R&D company founded in 2007 and located nearby Pisa, Tuscany.

Our team consists of physicists, engineers and computer scientists with experience gained in prestigious Italian and international companies and research centers.

Our mission is to create original and technologically advanced solutions bringing high value at limited costs, with the aim of bringing about the change we want to see in the world.

We design, develop, manufacture and sell technological innovations mainly in the fields of:

  • Renewable energies, in particular for the PV industry
  • Clean Hydrogen production
  • Utilities & energy efficiency for industrial and consumer purposes
  • Precision and smart agriculture and Water Management to prevent desertification
  • Air&Water quality monitoring
  • Smart metering for industrial and consumer applications

We are partner of Photonics21, the European technology platform that brings together the most innovative companies and leading research centres in the field of photonics.


R&D projects


R&D services



Alitec Srl
Legal office: via Ponte Nazionale, 53 – 54023 Filattiera (MS) Italy

Swiss subsidiary: via Rovello 32B, 6942 Savosa, Switzerland

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For more information on Alitec products and services, you can contact us at alitec@alitec.eu


We’re always honored to meet talented and passionate people with a strong scientific or technical background who can join our team!
Please send your curriculum vitae with a photo, a short presentation and the authorization for processing your personal data via e-mail job@alitec.eu

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